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Monday word: naprapathy

naprapathy (nə-prăp′ə-thē), noun

Treatment of disease by manipulation of joints, muscles, and ligaments, along with nutritional therapy. 

Dr. Oakley Smith established the practice of naprapathy in the early 1900s (currently, it's considered a questionable treatment.)

Etymology:  From Czech, napravit, to correct.  (Dr. Smith formed part of his theories while traveling in Czechoslovakia, based on practices there.)

I learned this word while working on the family history.  A few years ago, Mom gave me a small painting, and a letter.  The painting was done by "Grandma Kelley" (no relation), of Kelley Canning Co., in the 1930s, and given to my uncle when he was nine years old.  My mom and my uncle had watched her paint when they were young.  One of the woman's daughters was Dr. Ruth Perrow; according to the letter, my mother's mother went to Dr. Perrow for "adjustments".

Thanks to online archives of the Iowa Legislature, I found the below bill from 1933, legalizing the practice and naming Dr. Perrow.

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