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Thursday words: apterous & haphephobia

I totally spaced needing to schedule a word for Christmas Eve, even knowing that I'd be offline -- so here's two words to make up for it:

apterous (AP-ter-uhs) - adj., wingless.

Usually used of insects, though there's a botanical sense as well (lacking a winglike-membrane that otherwise would be expected. From Greek, from a-, without +‎ -pterón, wing.

haphephobia (ha-feh-FOH-bee-uh) - n., fear of being touched.

Also called aphephobia, haphophobia, hapnophobia, haptephobia, haptophobia, and thixophobia, but this seems to be the most common synonym. Usually expresses itself as an acute exaggeration of the normal tendency to protect one's personal space, expressed as a fear of contamination or invasion. From Greek roots haphe, touch + phobos, fear.

"My haphephobia is specific to apterous insects -- I just can't STAND the feeling of ants crawling on my skin. ICK ICK ICK ICK just thinking about it."

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