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Friday word: Amanuensis

Today, I bring you yet another sesquipedalian word :P
amanuensis, n. aman·u·en·sis \ə-ˌman-yə-ˈwen(t)-səs\
plural aman·u·en·ses \-(ˌ)sēz\

: one employed to write from dictation or to copy manuscript

(so, a fancy word for 'scribe' or 'copyist')

<thanks to the efforts of his dutiful amanuensis, copies of most of the author's letters and unpublished manuscripts have been preserved>

Latin, from (servus) a manu slave with secretarial duties

First Known Use: 1619

<thanks to="" the="" efforts="" of="" his="" dutiful="" amanuensis,="" copies="" most="" author's="" letters="" and="" unpublished="" manuscripts="" have="" been="" preserved="">
Tags: a, latin, noun, wordsmith: med_cat

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