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Thursday word: takahe

takahe or takahē (tuh-KAY, tuh-KAH-ee) - n., a rare, flightless, New Zealand bird (Porphyrio hochstetteri, formerly Notornis hochstetteri) of the rail family, with purple-blue and green plumage and pink bill and legs.

Also sometimes called notornis after its former genus name (from Greek roots meaning "southern bird" -- it was originally only on the South Island), but not so much any more. The species is critically endangered, and for a while (in the early 20th century) was thought to be extinct but conservation efforts are helping. The alternate spellings depend on how faithfully you are noting long vowels in Māori, for that's where the name is from -- it's imitative of its call. A rather pretty bird.

The next day we took a trip to the Kāpiti Island Reserve and saw several takahē and kōkako, but no kiwis.

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