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Saturday & Sunday Word: Zorbing & Undine

un·dine [UHN-deen]:
origin: [1658] Latin unda= a wave.

Paracelsus' philosophy, of the occult, sites an undine as an elemental being of the water -- one that can take female form -- such as a nymph or sprite, although they may also appear as a fish or a snake, slippery and mercurial like the very water they inhabit.

Unlike humans, despite their beauty & supernatural abilities, they're born without a soul and so will look to attach themselves to humans in order to achieve our perceived eternal nature. An undine may act as a servant, or romantic partner, and may even be able to create a child.

There is also a medical object with this name used to irrigate the eyes.

Remember kids: zorbing done incorrectly may result in death.

zorb·ing [UHN-bɪŋ]:
origin: [1990] New Zealand Z= C20 (air cushion) + Orb= sphere + ing.

noun or verb
Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be inside a pin ball machine?


Zorbing looks like a sport from the future or game show torture on Japanese television. A human being -- or several -- depending on the design -- gets inside a giant, transparent, plastic ball while protected by a layer of air and is able to roll around.

Unlike the Russian video above, where two unfortunate souls went over the side of a mountain, this is normally done on a gentle slope on a specially worn path (additional guard fence is optional).
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