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Thursday word: lunette

lunette (loo-NET) - n., any of various crescent- or semicircular-shaped things, including:
  • (Arch.) any wall surface under an arch or vault, or a painting or other decoration filling same;
  • (Arch.) an opening to admit light in a dome;
  • (Mil.) a fortification with two projecting faces forming a wedge plus two flanks with an open gorge;
  • the hole in a guillotine in which the victim's neck is placed;
  • (Farriery) a half horseshoe, lacking the ends;
  • (Geol.) a broad, low-lying, typically crescent-shaped mound of sandy or loamy soil formed by the wind, especially along the windward side of a lake basin.

Plus other even more obscure meanings. In short, all sorts of things that look like a half-full or crescent moon tend to get named after the moon -- in this case, borrowing from French lunette, diminutive of lune (from Latin luna).

Above the small altar was a lunette depicting the Christ child with a lamb and a peaceable lion.

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