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Wednesday word: 十手 (jitte or jutte)

十手: (spelled "jitte" or "jutte" in the English alphabet)  Pronounced "joot" or "joo-te"

Literal Japanese translation: "ten hands."

The jitte was a weapon that was carried by police in Edo Period Japan. It was carried by all ranks of police officers during official business and also served as a substitute for a badge. It is also the subject of Jittejutsu (十手術), a martial art developed by law enforcment officers meant to disarm and apprehend criminals (who were usually carrying a sword.)

In the anime franchise Lupin III, the character Inspector Koichi Zenigata often carries an antique jitte passed down from his ancestor, Heiji Zenigata, a police officer in the Edo period from a completely unrelated series of fictitious stories.

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