Trel (trellia_chan) wrote in 1word1day,

Wednesday word: dissemble

dissemble: [dih-sem-buh l]

Verb: (Used with object)

1. To conceal the truth of. "She dissembled her ability to sing to avoid being put on the spot."

2. To feign or put on the appearance of. "The child dissembled innocence in order to avoiid punishment."

3. (Now obsolete) To allow to pass unoticed. To ignore.

Verb: (Used without object)

1. To conceal one's true thoughts or motives through pretense, or by behaving or speaking hypocritically

Etymology: First known use 1450-1500.  Middle English dissimulen from Latin dissimul
Tags: d, latin, middle english, verb, wordsmith: trellia_chan

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