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Saturday & Sunday Word: Scripturient & Samizdat

scrip·tu·ri·ent [ˈskrip\ˈtu'rēˌənt]:
origin: [obsolete] Latin; scribere= desire to write.

adjective (scripturiency; noun)
A compulsion to write down thoughts & ideas; the violent or passionate need to write.


sa·miz·dat [sä′mĭz-dät′, sə-myĭz-dät′]:
origin: [1965–70] Russian : sam= self + izdatel'stvo publishing house + izdat= to publish.

The 'zines of the Kremlin.

Well, technically, it is self-publishing one's own works that would otherwise be banned by the country or state; a popular underground form of expression amid communist governments; an underground press.

Prison is a distinct possibility for committing these offenses of free speech.
Tags: adjective, latin, noun, obsolete, russian, s

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