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Tuesday Word: Moppet

mop·pet [ˈmɒp ɪt]:
origin: [1900's] Middle English; moppe or mop= rag doll or baby.

I decided to define this specifically in conjunction with this New York Times article regarding Serena Williams' single-handed ability not only in the field of tennis, but her physical prowess to challenge and redefine stereotypes of race, gender, femininity, and class as well.

"Instead, she spends her days bageling 20-something moppets who have never known the game without her."

A "moppet" is someone in their youth, thought of as a child; naive, even foolish; a rag doll (or a child's toy). An archaic term most commonly used to describe little girls or female babies. Moppet dolls have yarn for hair, and often a rag or leftover scrap made into a dress; poor substitutes for the real thing, but good enough for children's imagination. Therefore, it is a word tinged with fondness for the subject regardless of the humble references, for who is not fond of their first toys?

In the cartoon My Little Pony, we discover that a large male character, Big Mac, has a secret fondness for Twilight Sparkle's old moppet named Smartypants. Again, altering assumptions and stereotypes within the story titled Party of One (Episode 29), while already doing so within their own fan base (perhaps reflective therein); interesting coincidence!

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