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Monday word: ataraxia

ataraxia (ˌætəˈræksɪə), noun
Emotional tranquility; freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; freedom from distress and worry.

My 3.5 days of vacation won't be enough to achieve ataraxia...especially when my manager calls me at 9:15am.

Etymology:  from Greek ataraktos, undisturbed.

This word, and the words from the last couple of Mondays, are from an old writing contest.
The contest had 9 words (many unfamiliar), to be used in a story, poem, etc.
If you'd like to see my submission, it's here.  I'm very fond of it, but forgot to submit it by the contest deadline.  Well, at least I had fun writing it.

Speaking of having fun writing...
do people have an interest in some sort of writing challenge or contest, to go with some of the 1word1day words?
If so, what are your thoughts on format, frequency, level of difficulty, etc.?
Tags: a, greek, noun, wordsmith: ersatz_read

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