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Monday words: sapid, vapid

sapid (săp′ĭd), adj.
1.  a. Affecting the organs of taste; possessing flavor
     b.  having a strong agreeable flavor,
2. Agreeable to the mind.

Etymology:  1600s, from Latin sapidus, savory, and sapere, to taste

vapid (văp′ĭd, vā′pĭd), adj.
1.  Lacking liveliness, animation, or force; dull.
2. Lacking taste or flavor.

Etymology:  1600s, from Latin vapidus, flat tasting, and vappa, stale wine.

Such words take me back to my college days, and discussions of designing codes where errors are easy to detect and correct.  Sapid' and 'vapid', while meaning very different things, can be confused through just a single typo or a little static.  Bad code, no cookie.

Oh, and...although I don't always get around to replying to comments on these posts, I do always read (and appreciate) them.  The reason I don't reply is because lately I've only been online (outside of work) one day a week - so by the time I get back to your comment, people have moved on.  If it's a question, I'll try to do better and at least respond to those.  Thanks!
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