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Thursday word: maxixe

maxixe (mak-SEEKS or mah-SHEE-shi) - n., a Brazilian ballroom dance in a moderate duple measure with a syncopated rhythm, sometimes called the Brazilian tango.

Here's one for you Scrabble players. Okay, so you'd have to use a blank, but it's still a rocking play. And a rocking dance. It was developed out of the Afro-Brazilian lundu and the European polka in Rio de Janeiro in the 1860s (roughly contemporaneous with the Argentinian tango), becoming internationally popular in 1914, just before the Great War. The second pronunciation is close to the original Brazilian Portuguese. As for the name's origin, I'll quote the Random House dictionary: "Brazilian Portuguese: lit., West Indian gherkin (allegedly a name given to a Carnival figure, from which the dance took its name), said to be < Kimbundu," that last being an Angolan language.

She placed a maxixe record on the Victrola that stood by the piano, then held out her arms to him.

Tags: kimbundu, m, noun, portuguese

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