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Monday word: dragée

dragée (dræˈʒeɪ), noun

1. A sugar-coated nut or fruit.
2. A small silver-colored ball for decorating cakes.
3. A sugar-coated medicated confection.

In general, dragées are candy-coated confections which are for more than just being eaten.  They might be symbolic, decorative, used to hide the taste of medicine, etc.

Examples include Jordan almonds (a frequent wedding favor) and the "edible ball bearings" the Tenth Doctor mentioned in a 2006 episode.  I'm not sure if there are any good modern-day examples of medicinal dragées; making medicine that tastes good and might be appealing to children has fallen out of favor.

Etymology:  Old French dragie, dredge
Tags: d, noun, old french, wordsmith: ersatz_read

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