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Monday word: bookaneer

I'm stealing from World Wide Words, but it's too good a word to not spread around.

bookaneer (bo͝ok' ə-nîr′), noun.
One who profits by publishing counterfeit editions of books.

Etymology:  coined by Thomas Hood in the early 1800s.

from Thomas Hood:
...we should begin at home, and first establish what Copyright is in Britain, and provide for its protection against Native Pirates or Bookaneers.  It was contended, therefore, that the author's perpetual property in his works should be formally recognized, and that "by taking this high ground at once, and making Copyright analagous to the soil itself, its defence might be undertaken with a better grace against trespass from home or invasion from abroad."

Also from Thomas Hood:
For, after all, what does the pirate or bookaneer commit at present but a sort of piratical anachronism, by anticipating a period when the right of printing will belong to everybody in the world, including the man in the moon.

This definition is not related to Tina Fey's captain of The Bookaneers on Sesame Street.
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