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Thursday word: logophile

logophile (LAW-guh-fail, LOG-uh-fail) - n., a lover of words.

Over in my own journal, I've been running a week of words about lovers, so it makes sense to post about the love of words. Well, it makes sense to me, anyway. To my surprise, google doesn't find this (or the condition such people have, logophilia) in this comm -- so it's way past time to post it anyway. Not to mention, who in this comm couldn't love this word, because of their love of words? In any case, this was coined by Al Segal in the May 3, 1946 edition of The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, and probably independently by several other people, from Greek roots logos, word/speech + philos, lover/friend.

Most of our members are here because they're logophiles.

Tags: greek, l, noun, words!

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