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Monday word: escutcheon

escutcheon  (ĭ-skŭch′ən), noun
1. An emblem, usually shield-shaped, bearing a coat of arms.
2. A protective or ornamental plate or flange (as around a keyhole, door handle, light switch, etc.).
3. A plate on a ship's stern where the name is displayed.

Etymology:  from Latin scutum, shield.

I would like to replace the knobs on my cabinets, as they're dull and plastic-y and quite a few have permanently come loose from the bolts that hold them on the cabinet doors.  But each knob also has a dull and plastic-y escutcheon.  And the wood under the escutcheon has an imprinted outline of the escutcheon pattern, and has weathered differently.  Which means I would either need to re-finish the cabinet doors, or replace the escutcheons with even larger ones to hide the variations.

Today's word is brought to you by autocorrect:  I was trying to text my friend about taking my spare Costata romanesca squash seedlings, and it kept changing to "Costa Roman escutcheon".  I thought it an odd word for autocorrect to know - and odd to go there when it's such a short trip to Romanesque.  But that's autocorrect for you.
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