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Saturday Word [belated]: Glamping

glamp·ing [glæmpˈɪŋ]:
origin: European, approx 2007; portmanteau.

A combination of "camping" + "glamour".

A method of recreation designed to appeal to lumbersexuals, who are more into image than authenticity, who prefer comfort to roughing it -- glamping makes staying in the outdoors luxurious and more like a hotel. No need to pitch a tent yourself or do without a moment's wifi.

While some may say this is the future of camping, with national parks embracing the notion, a recent article in the New York Times makes a connection to glamping and the increasing trend of gentrification, along with an ever-increasing disconnect in society to nature. Contrarily, one could also say it explores different options for vacationers, while permitting some level of isolation and independence, such as a tree house with a built-in chimney stove versus a tent with a campfire. A striking similarity to wealthy American and European safaris does exist.

What do you think?

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY (to those who celebrate)

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