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Monday word: prosopagnosia

prosopagnosia (prŏs′ə-păg-nō′sē-ə, -zē-ə) noun
An inability to recognize faces of familiar people; "face blindness".

This can be due to brain damage or it can be congenital.
There are different forms and levels; some people may have difficulty recognizing family members.

I always assumed I was just bad at faces due to lack of practice or something, but now I'm beginning to wonder if I have some form of mild prosopagnosia.  I've worked in the same building for 15 years; it took over a decade to firmly establish some people's faces in my memory.  Mom was the opposite:  she had this near-magical ability to recall the name and social/familial context of someone she'd met only once twenty years back.

Etymology:  1950s, from Greek prosopon, face and agnosia, not knowing
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