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Saturday & Sunday Word: Shoeburyness & Zeerust

Both of these words are from Douglas Adams' book, The Meaning of Liff.

shoe·bu·ry·ness [SHo͞oˈberē-nəs]:
origin: British; a town in southeast Essex, corrupted from the German Sceobirig= "the cape of the sea fortress".

That thing what your cat craves more than anything in the world...your warm spot, or rather the sensation of knowing your posterior has just sat upon one. Mr. Adams defines this as "unpleasant", but YMMV.

zee·rust [zē-rəst]:
origin: an African town originally meaning "dusty place"; shortened from "Coetzee's Rust" (land owned by Casper Coetzee)

You know how in the future we're all going to re-embrace beehives & go go boots upon star ships that bravely explore strange new worlds? Yeah, that's zeerust, or something that was supposed to look futuristic and instead ends up looking dated. Personally though, I love me some good zeerust!

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