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Saturday Word: Meokbang

meok·bang [ˈməkˈbaŋ]:
origin: abbreviation of 먹는방송 [Meoknun-bangsong]

noun (and possibly a verb)
Korean broadcasts where "video jockeys" make money as people watch them eat mass quantities of food.

A portmanteau of meok-guh = "eating" + bang song = "eating broadcast", which then shortens to "foodcast". These broadcasts are especially popular with those who watch while eating alone, dieting, or medically laid up. Viewers give money (tips) to their BJ (the common Korean pronunciation for VJ) in a virtual form of payment referred to as "balloons".

Some BJs live off of the amount of money they make from meokbang, most have to attract enough to pay for all the food they consume, which can be thousand of dollars! Actor Ha Jeong-woo, began the trend due to having many scenes in his work that showed him eating, his style was lauded as someone who “ate with purpose”. The key to meokbang (or "muckbang") isn't to only eat a lot of food, but to do so in an appetizing way as well!

Korea Today offers a succinct & pleasant exploration of the trend.

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