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Saturday Word: Mistpouffer

mist·pouf·fer [mɪst-puːffər]:
origin: Netherlands & Belgium; mist= "fog" + pouffer= "pistol"

"Skyquake"; an unexplained phenomena where thundering, rumbling, sonic sound waves, and canon-fire explosive type sounds that echo loudly in the air for the length of blocks and cities (despite a lack of clouds or storms).

These strange sounds are believed to be organic in origin as they have been reported since ancient civilizations on Earth, although wether it is created by falling meteorites, or earthquakes, gas escaping the Earth, or dramatic changes in temperature is unknown. While skyquakes are particularly prominent near countries surrounded by water, the phenomena happens around the globe, coming to be known by various names -- including "Seneca guns" in New York, and "uminari" = rumbling of the sea in Japan, and "retumbos" = echo via the Spanish language & the Philippines.

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