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Thursday word: rhytidectomy

rhytidectomy (rit-i-DEK-tuh-mee) - n., the surgical removal of facial wrinkles.

The technical medical term for a face-lift -- which, if you've ever been curious about it, involves removing some skin and pulling the rest tighter, a fairly tricky procedure, given the skin isn't flat and you have to redrape it over the flesh beneath. Which vastly oversimplifies current processes and techniques, but this is a lexical blog not a medical journal. Suffice it to say, coined around 1930 from Greek rhytid-, the stem form of rhytís, wrinkle + ec-, a form of ex-, out/away + tomia, cutting.

With Botox or the ever-popular rhytidectomy, the patina of age can be polished away -- at least for a brief time.

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