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Thursday word: enchiridion

enchiridion (en-kay-RID-ee-uhn, en-ki-RID-ee-uhn) - n., a handbook, a concise treatise.

Everything you need to know about a subject in a book you can hold in your hand -- so a guidebook to a place, or the instruction manual for many electronic devices these days. Not a common word these days outside of theology, where ther are many works summarizing Christian doctrine that call themselves enchiridia (or enchiridions -- either plural is acceptable), such as the Enchiridion of Augustine. Adopted around 1540 from Late Latin enchīridion, from Greek encheirídion, handbook, from en-, in + cheír, hand + -idion, a diminutive suffix.

Rebuffed by Claire, the would-be pickup artist retreated to his booth to consult his enchiridion of tactics.

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