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Saturday & Sunday Words: Zoetic & Zoilism

zo·e·tic [zo-et-ic]:
origin: Greek; zōē= "life" + English; -etic

Of or relating to the very essence of life; vitality; being alive.

It's one thing to have acquaintances or peers you engage with regularly, but it's quite another to posses zoetic relationships -- the thought or company of them filling you with faith & hope.


zo·i·lism [zōˈĭləsˌizəm]:
origin: [400 – 320 BC] Zoilus or Zoilos, Greek; ancient grammarian

What many accuse their mother-in-law of...constant nagging criticism; bitter commentary; disparaging judgments and desperate fault-finding; slanderer. Zoilism is the word that embodies the modern expression: "Haters gonna hate."

Mind you, while tales of Zoilus live in infamy, his work perished so they are arguably speculation -- though he did take the monicker: "Homeromastix" or The Scourge (or Whip) of Homer, for his disregard and dismissal of the heralded philosopher's techniques. However, not to be limited, his sharp tongue also attempted to denounce the teachings of Isocrates & Plato. There is a even rumor that Zoilus was crucified for critiquing the king!
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