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Saturday Word: Numismatics

nu·mis·mat·ics [ˈbɛlˌwɛðə]:
origin: [1700s] French; numismatiques from the Greek; νόμισμα= nomisma= "coin"

Because there is a lack of occupations that are tongue-twisters, I present you with one that means the study of currency in all forms: coins, paper, credit, gems, metals, seashells, etc -- new and old alike.

Coin collectors often use this term to describe themselves, so an item may have a "numismatic value" that correlates to its worth as part of a collection, though not necessarily its literal worth as a form of payment.

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Read more about a 6.07 lb gold nugget found in San Francisco, examined by a numismatist.

Are you a numismatist; possess any rare or qualifying items?

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