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Thursday word: mazarine

mazarine (maz-uh-REEN, MAZ-uh-reen) - n./adj., a deep, rich blue. n., a silver strainer fitting over a dish used for draining the water from boiled fish.

The blue has a slightly purplish cast, giving it the richness wanted. Both of these things (full disclosure: I've never met the strainer, so am trusting the dictionaries here) are named after Cardinal Mazarin, born Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino (1602–1661, named after the Sicilian city Mazzarino, where his father was from), best known as the prime minister of France from 1643-1661. He was well-known in his time for his wealth and gemstones, accumulated during his time in office (though his avariciousness was exaggerated by Dumas in Twenty Years After -- ambitious and ruthless, yes, but not at the expense of stupidity), which allowed him to gift the so-called Mazarin diamonds to Louis XIV, still on display at the Louvre Exactly how the color came to be associated with him is obscure, however.

The kerchief was a good-sized square of bright yellow silk, with polka-dots of mazarine blue.

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