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Thursday word: tippertant

tippertant - n., a young upstart. adj., impertinent. v., to speak impertinently.

At least, according to Edward Slow's Glossary of Wiltshire Words, Used by the Peasantry in the Neighborhood of Salisbury, c. 1900. Not exactly a well-known word: the only use I can find on the 'net aside from Slow's works is a 1905 newspaper from Pensacola, which means it escaped Wiltshire at least once. I first met it in a Forgotten English word-of-the-day calendar, given on the anniversary of the death of Robert Greene in 1592, a playwright and author now best remembered for his snarking at William Shakespeare, then a hot new thing, as an "upstart crow" who "supposes he is as well able to bumbast out a blanke verse as the best of you." Older generations are cute when their feathers are ruffled by being supplanted.


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