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Saturday Word: Solipsist

so·lip·sist [ˈsō-ləp-ˌsi-zt]:
origin: (1874) Latin; solus= "alone" + ipse= "self"

noun (also, adjective: so·lip·sis·tic)
1. The philosophical notion that only the self can be proven to exist, ostensibly meaning that perhaps nothing else really does (or cannot truly be known) and that the world may be a unique delusion; idealism; skepticism.
some psychologists believe that infants are born solipsists and eventually learn to reject it as empathy and experiences with others increase.
"solipsism syndrome" is often brought on by long periods of isolation, a complete rejection or detachment of the outside world (see also: depersonalization disorder, hikikomori).

2. Narcissism; total obsession with the self and your own feelings or desires to the extent that no one else's matter.

Antonyms: altruistic, benevolent, magnanimous, self-sacrificing.
Tags: adjective, latin, noun, philosophy, s, wordsmith: theidolhands

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