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Tuesday Word: abibliophobia

No doubt every reader knows the fear of running out of new things to read by a favorite author. Your anxiety mounts as you realize you've torn through all of their novels, and then their short stories, and then their autobiography and their published journals and letters. You track down every book for which they penned an introduction and then toss them aside in a flurry of teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling. If they're still alive or were around late enough to have an online presence, you find yourself staying up until 3am scouring the internet for every article, blog post, tweet and Facebook comment they have ever written. If they're dead, you pray for an unscrupulous beneficiary or descendant to publish those manuscripts you just KNOW are lurking in an attic somewhere or fight back the urge to locate their grave, dig them up, reanimate them and chain them to a writing desk.

This is abibliophobia -- the fear of running out of reading material. In its most extreme form, it refers to running out of things to read, period, sitting in front of a campfire on a desert island and sobbing as you struggle to release the last page of that book you had intended to read, in your former life, while sipping a margarita in a deck chair. It can also refer to the fear of finishing a book or series of books that you're really, really into, so that a life where you are not reading it seems unbearably mundane.
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