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Saturday Words: Alienist, Convocation, and Pukka

Apologies for my absence these past weeks, was utterly swamped at work, but I'm back with extra words to make up the difference!

alien·ist [ˈā-lē-ə-nəst]:
origin: (1864) French; aliéniste, from aliéné= "insane", based on Latin alienus= "of another"

1. archaic term for psychiatrist, particularly one focused on legal aspects of the occupation.
2. [chiefly US] an expert called to testify in a trial in regards to an accused's sanity.


con·vo·ca·tion [ˌkän-və-ˈkā-shən]:
origin: (1400s) Latin; convocare= "to call" or "come together"

1. A large, formal meeting.
2. The act of calling people to a formal meeting: "They called for the immediate convocation of the council".
3. A gathering of the heads of a college or church.
4. Eagles in a flock.
con·vo·ca·tion·al = adjective

Lesson learned: Don't leave leftover bait in your truck in Alaska!

puk·ka or puc·ka [puhk-uh]:
origin: (1350-1400) Hindi पक्का, Urdu پكّا pakkā)= "cooked", "ripe", (figuratively) "fully formed"

[UK slang] genuine; reliable, good or proper.

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