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Tuesday Word: finagle

A ride to the store
When you're too drunk to drive
A wink and a nod
A charming aside
A pluck at your heartstrings
An appeal to your soul
The sense that you've met me
Somewhere before

A shrewd compliment
A low-stakes bet
Your favorite song
The drink you think's best
A timely reference
To your favorite show
Your favorite book?
I already know!

I laugh at the worst
Of your horrible jokes
I eat your lasagna
I know your pain
Though you just said it once
I remember your name
As for me? Well, it's simple
I'll make it quite plain
I'll finagle you blind
For that is my game

Ahem. To finagle is to obtain something via persuasion or manipulation. It is basically the closest an honest, upright citizen can get to breaking the law, and it is a sight to behold. The finagler ingratiates themselves, and the rewards are great indeed.
Tags: f, wordsmith: ellesieg

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