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Sunday Word: Vet

That moment when suddenly a word is everywhere; you never really heard it before and now you're sick of it. How does that happen? I'm starting to blame politics, which is then copied by the New York Times and other well-established news sources, then it spreads to the public who wishes to sound knowledgeable. For the record, my pronunciation of economy still has an "eek" in it. Remember when no one knew what "paradigm shift" meant? Or said "from now on" instead of going forward? Well, I do.

Feel free to share your theories or pet peeves on this subject.

Lately, I'm hearing this one, for an American it's strange that this mundane term, one would associate with pets, has become the buzzword of industry and the White House. It's true though, there is a dang lack of "vetting" in the world!

vet [ˈvɛt]:
origin: (noun, 1800s) noun, (verb, 1900s) Latin; veterīnārius= draught animals (able to bear burden), veto= "to prohibit or forbid".

1. Vet = short for veterinarian, or a doctor who examines and diagnoses animals -- usually pets, although the shortened version was made popular from horse-racing slang.
2. Because English delights in being confusing, it can also be short for a veteran (retired soldier).

Chiefly British until recently; To appraise or check for accuracy; to scrutinize; an investigative process to ensure the aptness and credibility of a subject for a position or role.
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