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Saturday & Sunday Word: Amatory & Crapulous + WINNERS!

Winners for the contest are: kimuro (LJ subscription) & brendala (free userhead). Congratulations!

a·ma·to·ry [ˈa-mə-ˌtȯr-ē]:
origin: (1500s) Latin; amare= to love.

Originating from or to imbue love (of a sexual or intensely romantic nature). The genre "Amatory Fiction" (Britain 17th-18th century) predates modern romance novels and "slash" fiction.

Three female writers distinguished themselves through their works of amatory fiction. These were Eliza Haywood, Delarivier Manley, and Aphra Behn. These three writers were known in their time as the Fair Triumvirate of Wit. Critics of amatory fiction, including those who condemned the genre on the bases of religion and social propriety, often referred to these women as The Naughty Triumvirate. [source]

crap·u·lous [ˈkra-pyə-ləs\]:
origin: (1500s) Latin; crapula= intoxication, Greek; kraipalē.

To indulge in excessive eating and/or consumption of liquor (possibly resulting in illness); suffering from excess.
Synonyms: bibulous, drunken, intemperate, sottish
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