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Saturday & Sunday Word: Quern & Yagi

quern [ˈkwərn]:
origin: before the 12th century; Middle English, from Old English cweorn (or cwyrn)

A round, stone mill used for grinding grain that works just as well today as it did thousands of years ago; an excellent example of early technology and biblical metaphor for the daily grind (and humbling necessities) of life itself.

Demonstration of how to use a quern (purchased at a yard sale).

ya·gi [ˈyä-gē]:
origin: (1943) coined after Hidetsugu Yagi, a Japanese engineer.

Example of a handmade yagi.

Patented 1926, an antenna which only receives or transmits signals within a narrow range. You probably have one on your house right now! At this point, a yagi is most commonly used to transmit television and radio data.

note: Mr. Yagi was also an early preponderant for the popularity of extreme short wave radio communication, or what you've come to commonly refer to as "the cell phone".
Tags: biblical, japanese, middle english, q, scientific, wordsmith: theidolhands, y

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