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Saturday & Sunday Word: Barcode Hair & Scraps

bar·code hair [bah-ko-do heya-]:
origin: 20th century

バーコード人; A slang way Japanese people refer to a comb-over (note pronunciation is different than an English speaker, although the implication is the same), frequently associated with middle-aged business men that implies a general state of denial. The joke, of course, is that it resembles the modern upc bar code found on many items for sale in modern stores.

However, it's certainly not limited to the nation of Japan, an entire film was dedicated to find the best (or worst) comb-overs the world over: a clip

scraps [skrapz]:
origin: 14th century, from Old Norse skrap= "scraps, trifles" from skrapa= "to scrape, scratch, cut"

Crispy bits of fried batter that break free of the main piece of fish can be gathered up and served along with the fish & chips; also called "batter" and "butter". They have this in Japan as well, but it's called ten kazu (tehn-kah-zoo).

BONUS QUESTION: Have you recently learned a new piece of slang? What is a slang word you used a lot while growing up? *contest reminder
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