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Saturday Word: Stanchion

stan·chion [ˈstan-chən\]:
origin: (1375–1425) Old French estançon= diminutive of "estance"= stay or prop; See also: stance.

Maybe you're like me and you've looked at these things all your life and never realized they had their very own word: movie theaters, fancy restaurants, red carpets for Hollywood stars, museums...just think of all the places you've seen them!

It just refers to an upright bar, post, or support. Although if you ran a farm, you might use the same poles and ropes in more creative fashions to limit an animal's movement for things like sheering or milking. There's a bit of humor in that they similarly herd humans.

BONUS QUESTION: Is English your first language? Do you speak/understand any languages aside from English? *contest reminder
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