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(Belated) Saturday & Sunday Words: Scarify & Folly

Despite being very busy at the moment, I can't deprive people of an opportunity to enter into the contest for a free subscription or userhead by neglecting my weekly duties.

scar·i·fy [ˈskɛərɪˌfaɪ]:
origin: (1400s) Greek; skariphasthai = to scratch, outline or sketch

Or scar·i·fy·ing, basically means to make small cuts in -- which can be applied metaphorically (as in hurting someone's feelings) or to do this literally to the skin's surface (practiced by indigenous cultures for specific rituals and appropriated in modern times for beauty), or in biology in order to make seeds germinate faster.

fol·ly [ˈfä-lē\]:
origin: (1300s) Anglo-French; fol= fool

A person prone to folly, may commit a specific act of folly, whilst inside a folly.

For the word can apply to a person's disposition for a lack of clear judgement, or an act lacking good sense to the point of tragedy or villainy, or a unique structure that serves appeals more to fanciful tastes than function (also categorized as a needlessly expensive undertaking).

You may also have heard of "The Follies" or a varied theatrical troupe with song, dance, and short acts.

BONUS QUESTION: How long have you been a member of 1word1day? How did you discover that this community existed?
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