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Saturday & Sunday Word: Michelada & Kalimotxo

ka·li·mo·txo [ˌkælɪˈməʊtʃəʊ]:
origin: (1970s) Spain; named by inventors after two friends known as "Kalimero" + "Motxo".

a.k.a. Calimocho or cocavino; the recipe may sound terrible to the uninitiated, but it's actually not half bad: a cocktail popular throughout South America mixing cola & (cheap) red wine, with an optional squeeze of whatever citrus you prefer (ex: lime). Faster to make than sangria, although packing a similar alcoholic punch!

Spanish youth often enjoy this during public drinking parties known as botellon (big bottle). The spelling is actually from the Basque, which caught on in Spain as well. However, in Romania they call it motorină = "diesel fuel".

mi·chel·a·da [ˌmiCHəˈlädə]:
origin: (1990s) Mexico; chela = cold beer + mi = my/mine OR Michel Ésper's chabela = "beer lemonade" became "Michel's beer" to locals.

A similarly down-to-earth cocktail made from beer, lime juice, spices/sauces (and optionally tomato juice) served in a salt & chili rimmed glass; a Mexican bloody mary.
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