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Saturday Word & Sunday Word: Kedgeree & Tisane

Although both of today's words come from the long-running television series, Poirot (based on the books by Agatha Christie), the first initially came to my attention via another British series, Two Fat Ladies -- blog dedication & recipe: here.

ked·ger·ee [ˌkɛdʒəˈriː]:
origin: (1600's) Hindi khicarī; Sanskrit khiccā= dish of rice.

A humble British breakfast dish, adapted from an Indian khichdi, consisting of: curried rice, (smoked) flaked fish, hard-boiled eggs, parsley, (clarified) butter and/or cream; peas are another common addition. At it was originally made with just lentils & rice, some people like to add legumes too.

In the episode of Poirot, "The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly", an offered meal of kedgeree is a sign that -- despite the appearance of luxury -- the family is struggling financially. However, I think it sounds quite tasty!

Gordon Ramsey has also done his "posh" version.

ti·sane [ti-ˈzän]:
origin: (1400s) Latin ptisana; Greek ptisanē= crushed barley.

An herbal infusion boiled into a beverage (for one's health); herbal tea.

Everyday, Poirot takes a "tisane" in the afternoon as a stimulant for his "little grey cells", which the Belgian detective prefers to the traditional English version of milky black caffeinated tea.
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