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Tuesday Word: vetanda

There are some words that are so rich in meaning and history that their dictionary entries read like synopses of the many installments of some epic tale, and you feel like you could research them for days and days and still not quite grasp them. Then there are others whose entries offer almost nothing yet are almost as satisfying, the dictionary's silence making them seem appealingly enigmatic rather than too boring to bother with. I suppose vetanda, from the Latin vetare (to forbid) and defined over and over and over again as simply "forbidden things," falls into the latter category. What things? Forbidden to whom?!? Mostly, though, I think it sounds like an impressive alternative to telling a young visitor to my home "No!" over and over again. The knives? The plastic bags? Paint, glue, and nail polish? Choking hazards of every imaginable size, shape and composition? VETANDA! I'M SO SCARED I DON'T EVEN MESS WITH THEM.
Tags: latin, noun, v, wordsmith: ellesieg

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