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Tuesday Word: hart

While on solo walks, I entertain myself by wondering why I thought it was a good idea to leave the house when it's 90+ degrees out with over 80% humidity, counting cats (best walk: 12.5 cats per mile/25.5 cats per hour!), and evaluating the reliability of street names. Lakeside? BY THE RIVER. Snowhill? In coastal South Carolina? Yeah, right. Oak? Oak trees, though I can think of several other streets more deserving of the name. Elm? Elm trees! Laurel? Laurels! Winding? S-shaped! Hart? Not a hart to be found.

Hart, a deer, a maaaaallle deer -- not as catchy as the original, but accurate. It comes from the Old English heorot, "deer," and generally applies to a male deer that is at least five years old, or a mature male deer, particularly a red deer. A hart of grease is a fat hart. A hart royal is a hart that has been pursued by a member of a royal family, which is awesome and something that should really be extended to humans. A queen chases down a taxi? The driver is a now a cabbie royal! A prince is frustrated with poor restaurant restaurant service and decides to track down his waiter? Waiter royal! Someone buy me a plane ticket to England so I can get a job that will lead to an opportunity to be rude to a royal. Marketable skills and a steady work history are alright, but my resume could use some color.
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