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Sunday Word (belated): Contingent

con·tin·gent [kən'tɪn.dʒənt]:
origin: (1400s) Middle French; com-= together + tangere= to touch

A parade I was at had to use the word "contingent" so often, that once again I began to wonder, "Could I use this at 1word1day?" That's right, I've got vocabulary on the brain!

And that's because it means a group of people who may be joined together, in this case marching, toward a similar goal; a group of people representing a common cause. Can be used in military circumstances as well as civilian. It's a word you may know better as an adjective, but can also be used as a noun!

Happening by chance or unforeseen circumstances; an action reliant on something else that may or may not occur; likely to happen, but not guaranteed.

Construction of the George Lucas Star Wars museum was contingent upon a quorum of San Francisco landowners and regulators agreeing to permit the structure, ergo it will now be located in Chicago instead.
Tags: adjective, c, middle french, noun, wordsmith: theidolhands

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