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Sunday Word: Yogibogeybox

yo·gi·bo·gey·box [ˌyȯ-gī-ˌˈbu-gē ˈbäks]:
origin: (1918) James Joyce; yogi= spiritual master bogey= imaginary monster + box= container

A bag of tricks, the devices used by a spiritualist.

...or at least as penned by James Joyce below; yogiboogiebox is also an excellent example of a "nounce word", which is similar to made-up words (of various sorts), though it distinguishes itself by being used only once -- usually invented for a specific occasion in writing, and perhaps referenced or employed by other writers (in reference to itself), but never officially adapted into common usage or dictionaries.

Yogibogeybox in Dawson chambers. Isis Unveiled. Their Pali book we tried to pawn. Crosslegged under an umbrel umbershoot he thrones an Aztec logos, functioning on astral levels, their oversoul, mahamahatma. The faithful hermetists await the light, ripe for chelaship, ringround-about him. Louis H. Victory. T. Caulfield Irwin. Lotus ladies tend them i’the eyes, their pineal glands aglow. Filled with his god he thrones, Buddh under plantain. Gulfer of souls, engulfer. Hesouls, shesouls, shoals of souls. Engulfed with wailing creecries, whirled, whirling, they bewail.

James Joyce, “Scylla and Charybdis,” Ulysses
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