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Saturday Word: Autodidact

au·to·di·dact [ˌȯ-tō-ˈdī-ˌdakt]:
origin: (1500's) Greek; autodidaktos= self-taught or aut- (automatic, self-moving or thinking) + didaktos (taught)

Have you ever watched something in a foreign language so long that you started to pick up the language? What about read up on a subject so much that you became a bit of an expert? Or perhaps you copied cooking shows until you were certain your efforts wouldn't poison anyone? Ever picked up dance moves or singing without any formal training?

Well, that is being an autodidact. You learned things on your own, in a subject or skill, without a teacher or structured schooling. Adjective form: au·to·di·dac·tic

If world famous people like Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Ray Bradbury, Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Faraday, and Frank Lloyd Wright (more here) could be autodidactics...why not you too? Share with us members, is there a subject you've taught yourself? Why? How?
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