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Sunday Word: Zymurgy

zy·mur·gy [ˈzaɪmɜːdʒɪ]:
origin: (1865–70's) Greek; zumē= leaven + -urgy (from érgon)= work, employment, business.

Do you like: wine, beer, natto, katsuobushi, yogurt, kefir, kimchi, tabasco, worcestershire, nata de coco, sour cream, soy sauce, ketchup, sauerkraut, kombucha, or any number of things on this list?

Then you, my friend, are a fan of zymurgy.

Frankly, I think this word needs a comeback, a bubbling and oozing zymergence back into language, as it were; currently it resides most often in wine-making, where the study of fermentation has been examined by long-reaching family trees and scientists with cutting edge technolgy alike to nothing short of an art! Technically though, this is a chemistry term for the study of all organic molecules devised to split into simpler substances.

Fermentation is a fascinating process that we still know so little about. "The Cheese Nun", Mother Noella Marcellino has made great strides in the study, sheer variety, and complex relationships of the molds involved in making artisan cheeses throughout America & Europe. Any number of alternative practices, including healthcare, could result from these serious studies in microbiology. Speaking of that, bourbon has also proven to be a complex relationship of fermentation, and cellular relationship to the wood barrels that it is stored in -- a key to the complexity being the unpredictability to getting a "honey barrel"; relationships so complex that they not only differ from woods-to-woods, or even tree-to-tree, but within the wood from the same tree as well!
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