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Friday word: Samovar

Another Russian word, according to theidolhands's suggestion the other week. This time, a word which made its way from Russian into English.

sam·o·var noun \ˈsa-mə-ˌvär\

1: an urn with a spigot at its base used especially in Russia to boil water for tea
2: an urn similar to a Russian samovar with a device for heating the contents

Russian, from samo- self + varit' to boil

First Known Use: 1830

Here's a decorated  electric one:

(The original samovars, of course, were heated with coals)

There's even a Russian saying, "To go to Tula with your own samovar" (Tula is a city which used to be famous for manufacturing samovars), akin to the English saying, "to carry coals to Newcastle".
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