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Saturday Word: Vigesimation

Vi·ge·si·ma·tion [ˌvaɪgəːsɪˈmeɪʃən]:
origin: Latin, viginti= “twentieth” + English, -ation= from "decimation"

Military; the act of killing or destroying 1/20th of something, usually the death of one in every twenty men (can be done by drawing lots).

compare: centesimation = selection by lot, 1 in every 100th to be executed (possibly from a group of prisoners or mutineers). More commonly known is decimation = meaning 1 in ten people are slaughtered, therefore also used to convey that much destruction has occurred.

"Brad removed his shoes and socks in order to keep track of the vigesimation in World of Warcraft."
Tags: english, latin, noun, v, wordsmith: theidolhands

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