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Tuesday Word: zenaida

A zenaida is a type of pigeon. Not a dove. What makes a dove? What makes a pigeon? Does a pigeon have a tattered coat (of feathers)? Does it consist of many colors, like the biblical Joseph's coat? Is a pigeon's coat dark or decorated with dark marks, whereas a dove's coat is pure white? Is the whole pigeon versus dove dispute equivalent to the weed versus flower one? Is it wholly subjective -- what is most attractive is of higher worth? "Weeds" must be stamped out at all costs, while "flowers" must be allowed to prosper? Pigeons are a nuisance -- "flying rats," they call them -- while doves are a universal symbol of peace and goodwill?

I don't quite understand it. What I do understand is that Vanya Shivashankar was eliminated from the 2013 national spelling bee after misspelling zenaida. Yet Vanya is charmed. Or perhaps that's too dismissive. It definitely is. She is SKILLED. She is only 12, and she has already made it to the finals three times. Her older sister is 2009 champion Kavya Shivashankar. Her goal is to make spelling bee history -- if she wins, it will be the first time that two siblings have ever won the national bee. A lofty goal, perhaps, but given her past performance, not an unreasonable one. Good luck, Vanya!

Only 7 days, 9 hours and 36 minutes until the next national bee!
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