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Friday word: Perspicacious

per·spi·ca·cious adjective \ˌpər-spə-ˈkā-shəs\

: having or showing an ability to notice and understand things that are difficult or not obvious

: of acute mental vision or discernment : keen

— per·spi·ca·cious·ly adverb
— per·spi·ca·cious·ness noun
— per·spi·cac·i·ty noun


Doug, that was both a perspicacious and hilarious comment.
And we'd like to thank you, Scott, for being such an astute reader and perspicacious student of the environment.
He was perspicacious and honest enough to acknowledge to himself the danger of such a stand.
It's curious for what he left out of the album, although in general he was an astonishingly perspicacious judge of himself.

Latin perspicac-, perspicax, from perspicere, examine, observe, see through

First Known Use: 1640
Tags: adjective, latin, p, wordsmith: med_cat

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